Spider Catcher

If you are anything like me, you hate spiders. Every time I see one I call my dog, she loves catching spiders. However, she is not always near or the spider gets away before she can catch it, so I end up trying to kill it and then have a nasty squashed spider to clean off the wall or the floor. In addition, if you do let your cat or dog get the spider if it is in places, as your bathtub, then you have to clean the bathtub before you can a nice warm bath. Sometimes, these pesky little spiders can be in places like your ceiling where neither or cat or dog could reach even if they wanted. With the Spider Catcher, you do not have to worry if your cat or dog is near enough to catch the spider or clean up after you squash it on the wall.

You may hate these crawling creatures as much as I do, but wouldn’t it be better to catch them with the spider catcher and put them back outside? The Spider Catcher will catch them with the use of two sets of bristles that will not harm the spider. Hopefully, when you put it back outside a bird will enjoy a meal.

The reason I like the Spider Catcher is that I do not have to get close to the spider to catch it and put it back outside. It has a trigger at one end and the bristles at the other so you can easily catch the spider.

It is long enough for you to even get spiders off the ceiling! I do not like it when the spiders have decided to camp out in a corner of my bedroom ceiling. I would just die if it decided to come down and pay me a visit while I was sleeping. With the Spider Catcher, I can get a good nights sleep with the spider back outdoors where he belongs.

Not only will the Spider Catcher catch those creepy spiders, but it will also catch butterflies and moths without hurting them.

The Spider Catcher is only £9.99 and approximately $11.81 USD

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