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Spice Popcorn Projector M-9000 phone

Spice has come up with a new kind of phone – one that is capable of projecting images from it to a flat surface elsewhere, freeing you of the task to tote around another projector in the process. We would say that inventions like this are more novel than practical, since it is going to do a number on your battery life, and you can’t really project anything that is high resolution due to hardware limitations. Still, let us not sideline the Popcorn Projector M-9000 phone since this is one of their initial efforts, so all encouragement should be given. We do know that this handset is capable of displaying large images from a short distance, and throwing images isn’t the only thing which it is capable of. The handset will also come with various features including an FM radio, a TV antenna for your mobile TV needs (subject to area and reception, we presume), and a document viewer – enough to peruse through some work documents, but definitely unable to modify that Word doc or Excel spreadsheet. The phone will also come equipped with a 2.4” QVGA display and a 3.2-megapixel digital camera, where you can view streaming content or display content that is saved on a T-flash memory card. The card slot itself is able to handle capacities of up to 16GB, and it does seem as though the phone will arrive in India first for RS 6999 (that is roughly $155 in American dollars) with no mention of a Stateside rollout. Source: About Projectors ]]>

13 thoughts on “Spice Popcorn Projector M-9000 phone”

  1. good………… spice mobile is my favorite mobile and now with best and stylish it came ……………

  2. Useful but very bad battery backup, projector is not that much clear, Chinese look, no style, bad customer service, etc etc

  3. Hi…
    Only projector is good but pure Chinese look and Chinese theme and Chinese sound.
    Battery backup is very bad…Phone is heavy weight and can not talk for long times by holding the phone.
    No wi-fi, sound is very bad but the external speaker is good…But the earphone and internal sound is very bad…i hope, i had thrown 7000 rupees to garbage…After a long waiting, i can not expected this type of phone..

  4. Well, This phone is quite nice and modern will many facilities. BUT I must say due to many and several facilities, can not operate all function properly. Such as in some set hands free not working properly,rest ok. likewise receive button dose not function properly, rest Ok. As I already replaced the set with new one due to projection problem and handsfree problem. Now I got new repleaced set but still some problem seen. As now this set can not read word, excel, PDF file etc. Again I have to consust with Spice service center.
    I think it will take some more time to catch the market by this phone. Though its good try from Spice.

  5. i got this phone 10 days back …. only good thing is projector … clarity shown will be 90% of the original one …. 45 inches screen with good clarity … 2hrs movie i watched after full charging the batter and battery was almost at the end
    but the keys on the phone are very hard …..guess what …. we cannot pickup the call after 5 secs .. i am taking it to spice care tomorrow … hope it gets fixed …..

  6. hi friends!!!!!!
    i am planning to purchase spice popcorn….
    should i go for it???????
    plz suggest…i am little confused….

  7. i planned to buy this mobile mainly for projection purpose. Can i?what may be the maximum size of our projected image? is it atleast 50×50 mms?

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