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The Sphero Force Band controls BB-8 with the wave of your hand


When you watched Star Wars for the first time, how badly did you wish you could use the Force? While it is more complicated than simple telekinesis, that part is the one we all hone in on. For kids, that is amplified by a thousand, and they will pretend they have it and wave their arms around like mad regardless of whether or not they actually affect anything in the tangible world.

 If you are a kind and giving parent who has gotten your child a Sphero BB-8, or are just young at heart and bought one for yourself, your interest might be peaked by this Force Band. It’s a wearable bracelet will let you control BB-8 through Force gestures like push, pull, and drive. Of course, this wouldn’t be worth spending $79 on if it was reliant on having BB-8, so there are plenty of cool things you can do without having the little droid around.

This toy has two modes, which includes Droid Control and Force Awareness. One obviously needs the Sphero droid, while the other will let you practice channeling the Force to wield a Lightsaber, battle with a blaster (both of which require more toys that are separate costs), or record and view virtual holographic messages in your environment. It’s in the same vein as Pokemon Go in that you would need to have it on and active to find these messages, but you’re not necessarily capturing any cool Star Wars creatures.

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