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Sphero Darkside Ollie shows off a different shade

sphero-darksideTo just about every single thing out there, there is a “counter” or opposite to it. Black and white, oil and water, hot and cold, day and night, the list goes on. Well, when it comes to the Sphero remote controlled toy that works via Bluetooth, who would have thought that the bright looking, cheery device would actually have a dark side to it? Enter the £99.99 Sphero Darkside Ollie, which sports a dynamite makeover that sees the entire personality of the device roll over to the dark side.

With the Sphero Darkside Ollie, you will be able to unleash the futuristic, app-controlled adrenaline junkie that is within you, as this device is speedy enough to travel at a blistering 6.3 metres per second (14mph!), while it continues to maintain connectivity via Bluetooth within a range of 30 meters. A single, full charge of the Sphero Darkside Ollie will be able to deliver up to 60 minutes of manic driving time, where you then get to master various app-powered tricks that will include spins, drifts, and flips. It will also have the ability to leap off ramps and tear through the air, now how about that? The Sphero Darkside Ollie will arrive with a pair of Nubby Tires for total traction, a pair of Turbo Tires for boosted performance, and a pair of Prime Hubs for style, not to mention two Flux Hubs for the simple fact that they look awesome.

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