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The Sphere L22 Precision Microphone Modeling System

Sphere L22

If you don’t do much in the way of recording, then most information about microphones will whiz over your head. Those who are in the audio world love the finer points of microphone quality and getting to play with various sound spaces. It’s not until you really start to delve into what all can affect your recordings that you learn what you can do, or what new equipment you can get to change the quality of the sound.

While there are different mics that can provide you with different effects and tackle various audio issues, the Sphere L22 is looking like it’s going to be the only mic you’ll need. This is a microphone system with a high-precision side-address large diaphragm condenser with the Sphere DSP plug-in that will let you accurately model the response of a wide range of mics. You’ll be able to change the mic type, polar pattern, and other characteristics after you’ve already done tracking.

This uses a 3D approach to tackle spatial nuances, proximity effect, and off-axis frequency response. When used with Universal Audio Apollo, it achieves extremely low latency (approx. 1.6 ms round trip at 96 kHz) for guaranteed real-time performance. Also supports native AAX, VST and AU. You’ll be able to record in stereo, and even use different mic models with the Sphere plug-in. There is a lot more information to dive into, but that is only going to apply to people who don’t mind spending $1300 on a new microphone.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo