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SpeedForce brings smart bike functionality to almost any bike

speedforceIf there is one thing about us humans, we seem to have this innate desire to continuously improve ourselves – whether it is the performance of our intellectual capability, or perhaps our physical exertions, it does not matter. To make things easier, whatever that can be measured, theoretically speaking, can be improved. Hence, it comes across as no surprise at all to hear of cycling computers like the Polar M450 introduced that will help cyclists have a better idea on how their cycling sessions are like, in addition to looking out for other methods and ways to improve. Having said that, here is an IndieGoGo project that has long overtook its goal to be rolled off manufacturing lines – the SpeedForce. SpeedForce is basically a device that claims to be able to turn just about any bicycle into a smart bicycle. I guess you might as well call it that, taking into consideration how everything around us seems to be smart these days.

The whole point of having the SpeedForce work with your bicycle is to encourage cyclists of all levels to embrace a healthier lifestyle through training and coaching, using this easy to use and install device. SpeedForce will replace the bike’s stem, which essentially makes it part of the bicycle in order to deliver comprehensive functionality. There is a 1.6” full-color transflective screen with a high resolution as well as a front-facing light that delivers up to 30 feet of illumination for safer cycling in low light conditions or at night.

Not only that, there is over 40 hours of battery life on a full charge, and you should be able to reap the benefits of real time coaching, thanks to the pairing of data collected with the SpeedX Cycling app. There are sensors that are located on the back of the pedals as well as wheels which will work in tandem with one another, delivering precise data to identify behaviors and provide recommendations to correct them, such as changing gears or pedaling faster, resulting in an overall health improvement as well as safety of the rider – fingers crossed! In due time, SpeedForce will recommend training programs and challenges to improve overall performance. The SpeedForce pre-order is going for $159, and ready units will ship in March next year.

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