Speed Bump that rewards careful drivers

No one likes dealing with speed bumps.  Even if you drop down to crawling speeds, some are so severe that they jar your car around like crazy anyway.  With some cars they even make them scrape the ground, like the 90s Mustangs.  Well now someone has decided to create a speed bump that makes things easier for a lot of drivers.  If you like to fly over speed bumps then these won’t help you out at all.  However, if you are one of the ones that slows down for them then it will make it a much smoother ride.

When you approach the speed bump at high speeds, like above 30 mph then you’ll hit the bump.  However, if you drop below that speed the speed bump will flatten out and allow you to drive over it comfortably.  This was done by Jae-yun and Jong-Su Lee and hopefully someone will find these brilliant and put them to use.  The only bad thing is that I’d be willing to bet that these cost more than the average speed bump.  Which means it would be a while before these ever became mainstream.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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