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Speech Bubble Light Box brings comic relief to the room

speech-bubble-light-boxTruth can be stranger than fiction, and as the saying goes, life can imitate art. For those of us who grew up on a steady diet of comic books, are there moments when you look at someone talking to you, and yet you did not hear anything as your brain formulates all of the verbiage to contain them within a speech bubble? You can now literally do so with the £19.99 Speech Bubble Light Box. Definitely one of the more unique night lamps or night lights to have around the home!

As its name suggests, the Speech Bubble Light Box is essentially a lamp — with a function that does a whole lot more than just provide light to your surroundings. It will arrive with a blank slate, where the accompanying dry-wipe marker and A4 stencil will be essential tools in getting your message across. You can either choose to have the Speech Bubble Light Box stand comfortably on flat surfaces, or to simply mount it to the wall. Since the Speech Bubble Light Box is powered by half a dozen AA batteries, you can simply place it anywhere. A long lasting, low voltage, soft white LED bulb will be the “engine” that glows from within.