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Spectrum Optimized LED Grow Light gives an added boost to plants

spectrum-grow-lightSo, you are more or less on your way to obtaining your very own set of green fingers. The thing is, you need all of the help that you can get – which would mean having the right tools as well as guidance, be it from books, YouTube, or from other friends. Why not gain assistance from the world of technology as well with the $64.95 Spectrum Optimized LED Grow Light?

The Spectrum Optimized LED Grow Light happens to be an LED grow bulb which claims to be able to deliver 50% more spectrally optimized light per watt compared to other grow lights. It would optimize photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) so that plant growth is maximized, while the passively cooled bulb offers 12% blue light (400-500nm) in order to support strong stems and compact growth without the need for radiated heat generated by lesser bulbs. There will be 104° F wide flood optical distribution light provided which maximizes irradiance when placed close to a plant’s canopy, making this particular bulb provides optimal light for high-, moderate-, and low-light plants.