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Spectra X electric skateboard brings you places

Getting around from point A to point B across short distances will normally require you to walk some bit. However, there has been developments in recent years that have allowed one to go down the road of a personal mobility device. Here is an idea from Walnut Technology: the e-skateboard that is all set to debut at CES 2019 later this month. A skateboard is an icon of America, having served young people for decades in moving about, so why not throw in an electric twist?

The Spectra X is touted to be a truly shareable electric skateboard, where it will provide users with the opportunity to experience new products before purchasing. This makes life far more easy and convenient than ever before, and the presence of a sharing feature through the eBoard Go app adds on a new dimension. Courtesy of P2P sharing, the Spectra X will connect people who share the same interests, which in turn allows more people to enjoy the fun of e-skateboarding as it builds up an e-skater ecosystem. There is just something about the Internet that helps build bridges and bring people together.

Apart from the sharing feature, the Spectra X also comes with a slew of upgraded functionality. We are looking at what could be the first 3D posture control in the world, where new sensors integrated in the Spectra X are lighter and more sensitive than before, with a trio of control modes to choose from: body posture, remote control, and the eBoard Go app.

To increase its durability, the Spectra X also boasts of an IP66 water-proofed body, in addition to replaceable rechargeable batteries, and replaceable wheels. The exterior has been designed after classic sports cars, where a combination of the maple board and FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) will further enhance the toughness and the intensity of the waterproof exterior body. Perhaps pricing details will be revealed at CES as it is unveiled then.

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