SpecOps Systems unveil new iKey prototype

SpecOps Systems has a special aim in its corporate sphere – that is, to design rugged, wearable computer technology which is capable of offering enhanced situational awareness of the battle space for military soldiers while they are in the heat of the battlefield. The special WC2 computer system works pretty much like an extremely powerful desktop computer, although this one is way more portable compared to those netbooks and notebooks businessfolk tote about, since it was specially designed to be worn on the arm and carried by a soldier while he is in the thick of action for extended periods of time.

The summer of 2009 was when SpecOps Systems was asked by a customer for a WC2 computer, albeit with the added capability of an integrated keyboard. This request is now a reality, albeit in a prototype form factor as this point in time. The keyboard was specially made to be small enough to fit within the system without sacrificing on functionality, where it was built sturdily in a durable form factor which will be able to work just fine for extensive use in harsh environments. To do so, SpecOps Systems had to look to iKey for a solution considering iKey had experience with the military, and already have a somewhat similar unit to what was requested.

The result from SpecOps Systems would be the working prototype known as the KYB-170-OEM. This ultra-compact keyboard measures a mere 2.55″ x 2.75″ x 0.22″, and is filled to the brim with functionality. While the initial prototype was delivered as “production ready”, there is no need for engineering changes to the firmware, printed circuit board or mechanical drawings. Being completely sealed to NEMA 4X specifications, it is resistant to dirt, dust, liquids and other ingress when given the proper installation procedures. Would be interesting to know how much the thing costs in real life though, but can soldiers blog on this?

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