Speaker Bot plays your MP3 player


Despite all of the conspiracy theories that robots will someday take over the world, you can’t help but love this robot.  He’s completely harmless, all he does is play your favorite music all day long.  He may have a permanently goofy expression on his face, but at least he has his uses.  Plus he’s made out of new and old parts, which means you’d be giving new use for old discarded electronics.

These robots ship out worldwide and are assembled in New York by Lipson Robotics.  In order to power the speaker, you can use the power adapter and plug it into the wall, use batteries or plug it into the USB port on your computer.  He even comes branded with a metal nameplate to declare the robots origins (Lipson Robotics).  The speaker will work with any MP3 player and can be purchased for $550 from Etsy.

Source: Technabob