The SpaTap turns an old plastic bottle into a portable shower


When we go to take a shower, it’s usually not because we’re covered in dirt and grime. We’ve gotten to be very sensitive to smell and minute details. This means our body smell and oil from our hair is often the main cause to bathe. We’re a long way off from living out in the woods, but if we had to be out in the wilderness, chances are you’re going to want to wash off in some way. The only problem being that there isn’t exactly plumbing for the middle of nowhere.

 If you can’t go more than a few days without a bit of a bird bath, then you’ll want a way to clean up without having to carry a lot of extra equipment. The SpaTap will give you a setup to take showers or wash your hands while you’re out in the wilds. This is a bottle topper and strap combination that will allow you to have a flowing, clean water station.

To use, simply fix the topper onto the bottle, make sure the stopper is in, and turn it upside down to hang from a tree, awning, or wherever else you can fit it. Just remember that you’ll want to drain this water out into an area that’s not right next to your tent. One full 2 liter bottle will provide 30 hand washes or 3 showers (assuming you have short hair). Getting the SpaTap with the strap to hang it will cost around $24. While you could figure out how to make this on your own, you would likely spend more on parts trying to figure out how to make it work the same way. There are other options out there that are cheaper if you need something along these lines.

Available for purchase on spatap