Spare One – The Extra Emergency Cell Phone

Extra Emergency Cell Phone

Oh the mobile phone, what a love/hate relationship we have with them. I can’t even begin to imagine how we got along without them. I try to remember what it was like to be a teenager, one that didnt have a cellphone glued to the side of my face, or worse *gasp* a parent, that didnt have instant access to their child. A flat tire, forgotton milk or a traffic jam took on whole new meaning back then. Forget or lose your phone or even just let the battery die, and you’ll soon remember what it was like…
But now you can let the Spare One come to your rescue, the worlds only phone to be powered by a single AA battery, that alleges up to a ten hour talk time AND, if left turned off and unused is suppossed to be ready to go for 15 years? Yup, you read it right, 15 long years waiting in your glove compartment or disaster kit for just the right moment to save the day… and discrediting any “my battery died” excuses from both children and spouses…

So I can see the Spare One becoming the phone for folks who never use phones or an emergency only phone for you or your kids. It can be stored in the glove box along with your first aid kit and flares (you have those right?) for roadside emergencies. Which is really great for any “new” drivers in your family. Its the obvious choice for disaster preparedness, where charging your regular phone just isnt an option unless you have an emergency radio and it can even be used as a travel phone and loaded up with minutes for use only on your vacation.

The Spare One will begin shipping in march of this year and with a pricetag of right around 50 bucks I have a feeling they will be quite popular. Visit for more information, or to get on the mailing list to be notified when they become available.

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