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Spacewalking Astronaut does not go very far up

spacewalking-astronautBeing in space certainly sounds like a very cool idea, that is for sure. However, it does take a very special kind of person to qualify for being an astronaut – one needs to be extremely fit, not to mention have the mental strength and calmness of mind and body to be able to make the long trip to and fro, in addition to sharing such a cramped living space up there above the earth on board a space station with others in zero gravity environment. Having said that, you might want to simulate your very own spacewalk using your imagination with the $29.95 Spacewalking Astronaut.

The Spacewalking Astronaut is a remote controlled astronaut who is propelled by twin rotors, making him useful for safe indoor flight. There will be a pair of diode lights located in the rocket backpack that offers the illusion that this spaceman is controlling his weightless wandering all by himself, but in reality, there is a rechargeable battery that lasts for a good 10 minutes of airborne wanderlust. It will require 20 minutes for a full charge from zero, and the two-channel infrared remote runs on eight AA batteries. I don’t suppose you can call this one of the cuter looking drones out there, can we?

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