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Space Saving Desktop Shredder is perfect for the modern home

space-saving-shredderIs it me, or does it feel as though we are running out of space to live in these days? After all, land in the city is getting more and more scarce, and with that, the price of each living space continues to go up – with no signs of abating, although it does slow down from time to time where the economy is concerned. Having said that, here is a unique device that will find a place in any modern day space-starved home, which would be the $79.95 Space Saving Desktop Shredder.

This is no ordinary paper shredder, and as its name suggests, this particular device would be able to fit in unobtrusively on a desktop, while offering you the opportunity to enjoy convenient disposal of sensitive documents. The shredder itself will require as little space as a desk lamp, now how about that for being really, really portable? It will do its job by cross-cutting paper into unreadable scraps, and no matter how much patience you have, it is close to impossible to piece together everything. Capable of shredding up to half a dozen sheets simultaneously, it will go through 7′ 7″ of paper every single minute. The shredder itself can also be set to automatically start shredding whenever paper is placed in the slot, while a reverse setting comes in handy to clear paper jams. It will also feature an integrated handle that enables one to tote it around to a nearby wastebasket, where getting rid of the shredded paper is as easy as opening the bottom panel.