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Space Invaders Alien Lamp for the video game geek

space-invaders-alien-lampThere is just something about old school games that make us want to play and indulge in them from time to time. Those were the days when simple graphics and engrossing, and yet direct, gameplay could suck hours of our time with our imagination going into overdrive. Well, if you have a penchant for all things old school, or know someone who does, perhaps forking out some dough for the £24.99 Space Invaders Alien Lamp might just be the perfect gift.

The Space Invaders Alien Lamp will obviously arrive in the form of the retro and lone looking space invader, with the ability to change its color while it functions as a night light. Even better is, this is an officially licensed device by Taito, and best of all, you will not be shooting it down anytime soon as it will remain in a stationary position without shuffling horizontally in a relentless manner. This time around, it will bring light to your surroundings, instead of the expected death.