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Spa Aromatherapy Blanket keeps you warm and cozy

spa-aromatherapy-blanketWe humans have a pretty decent sense of smell, although it is far from being as keen as those found in our four legged friends. Having said that, our noses are sensitive enough to be influenced by various smells, so much so that having an aromatherapy shower set in the bathroom can help you to relax, especially after a particularly difficult day at the office. Well, this winter, you might want to check out something that not only keeps you warm, but also entices your olfactory senses with something pleasant – in the form of the $59.95 Spa Aromatherapy Blanket.

The Spa Aromatherapy Blanket is a cozy, heatable blanket which will come filled with soothing scents, as it can then deliver the relaxation and stress relief of an aromatherapy spa treatment right smack in the comfort of your very own home. It will merge the calming fragrance of lavender alongside the refreshing, pain-relieving powers of peppermint, as the blanket stimulates the senses so that it can help to melt away the physical and mental effects of a trying day. The blanket itself is made from 100% cotton velveteen, and one can choose to heat it up in the microwave so that it can deliver a pampering, enveloping warmth which will do its bit to loosen sore muscles. Want to target a particularly painful area? Fret not, just chill it in the freezer beforehand, and you’re good to go.

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