SP8PRT lets you print what you see


I’ll admit that the idea of a digital picture frame is growing on me. I have far more pictures on my computer than I’d ever dream of actually printing out, so it might be cool to show them off. I would likely go for one that’s simple and basic, as it’s really just a picture frame, what else would you want it to do? Apparently there are a lot of people looking at digital frames wishing they could just instantly print off a picture. This is evident by Smartparts’ latest frame.

The SP8PRT appears to be just your average digital picture frame, I’d guess that the screen is around 7 or 8 inches. What makes this particular device stand out is not what you see, but what’s hidden behind the picture. When you see a picture you like, you can simply press a button and it will instantly print out a picture for you to take with you.

The SP8PRT will use a single cartridge that contains both the ink and paper, which will make it easy to change out. The real question (other than price) is how thick it will be. If this thing sticks out two or three inches from the wall, no one is going to want it hanging up.

Source: Aving