Soundwagon – Driving the Music Home

I probably shouldn’t admit that I have a rather large collection of records. As I write this my daughter wants to know what they were, and if that was how we listened to music before we had electricity. Bless her little heart – no candy for her today. Anyway, the point of the story was, I no longer have a record player and I don’t have the overwhelming desire to buy one either, but I would like to hear a couple of those old tunes.
So check out Soundwagon, it just doesn’t get any neater than this. This officially licensed Volkswagen Van record player can be carried in your pocket. The Soundwagon has a player needle that is powered simply by a 9 volt battery, you just place your little VW on top of any 33 1/3 rpm vinyl record and let her go for a spin. The unit has been recently redesigned with an improved speaker and features much better sound quality than their original roll out.
The Soundwagons are made in Japan, are available worldwide, and come in blue, black, gray,white, magenta and cherry red for just under 100 bucks. Visit  for an instructional video or for ordering information and don’t forget to bring it with you next time you want to check out some records at your local retirement community yard sale. Geez.