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Soundproof Microphone!

Soundproof Microphone
I don’t know where you can find these – there has to be way of getting hold of the wackier Japanese gadgets in the west though. Come to think of it, if you’ve ever had to suffer a karaoke party this might not be so wacky!

From the always entertaining Odd things from Japan we present the sound absorbing microphone! It looks like a regular mic with a large cover for your mouth so you can yell into it to your hearts’ content without fear of your off-key warblings disturbing anyone else.

Could be useful, with alcohol fuelled Christmas parties just around the corner…

2 thoughts on “Soundproof Microphone!”

  1. Where can I get one of these soundproof microphones? Anyone know? I have sent several emails to the Rakuten website with no response. HELP!!!

  2. One of the best sites I’ve come across on soundproofing is You may be able to pick one up there.

    BTW – I love this site! Gadgets are definitely my thing…

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