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Sounding Good reveals SpeakAirs technology in Bluetooth wireless audio system

speakairsWhen it comes to getting the best sounding audio possible where your home’s theater system is concerned, there are many choices to pick from – and the sky is the limit, as long as your bank account does have enough balance to handle the deficit. Having said that, UK company Sounding Good Ltd. has stepped forward with a world’s first where Bluetooth wireless audio is concerned, looking to crowdfunding site Kickstarter to raise the relevant amount of funds for the innovative SpeakAir technology which will be found in the HiFive system.

 This would mark the very first time that the HiFive system sports more than a pair of stereo speakers, where it delivers a wholly cable-free surround sound experience as it is made up of a Docking Station complete with sub-woofer and a quartet of satellite speakers, helping to offer superb quality audio in a highly portable package.

This would make it the ideal solution for home audio, gaming, home cinema or as a mobile music system, as the SpeakAirs HiFive will deliver the relevant amount of freedom from cable clutter as well as set up an immersive sound stage.

Apart from that, there will be a 3 Amp Lithium polymer power pack that has been specially built into the Docking Station, in addition to a 500 mAmp battery for the RX system, not to mention having 500 Amps in each of the satellite speakers. Apparently, a full battery charge is tipped to churn out up to 12 hours of play time at maximum volume, and the SpeakAirs technology found in the HiFive system will be 100% cable free, and yet is capable of delivering true stereo sound separation, something that other manufacturers have failed to achieve to date.

The SpeakAirs HiFive system can function either with the speakers housed in the Docking Station, or you can have it unpacked to deliver stereo surround sound. The Docking Station itself will also boast of a USB port that delivers ultimate connectivity for when an audio device is not Bluetooth enabled.

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  1. Edwin – do you ever go back and report on these gadgets after they have been released to market? Because the SpeakAirs founder is conspicuous by his silence on when these will ship, despite making promises to have the first units out by the holidays. Guess I’m wondering whether you’re a reporter on cool tech or someone that takes other people’s press releases and makes them look like news…

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