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Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2 is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker

sound-kick2Now that you are fully enjoying your summer, how do you intend to make the most of it? Does this mean you would want to backpack to the nether regions of the earth, where the currency exchange works in your favor? How about retreating to Down Under and the Land of Kiwis, where they are experiencing the bitter winter cold? It really boils down to the individual as this is a personal choice, but one thing’s for sure – regardless of the time of the year, the beach is always a popular place to be at. Apart from the wind and the waves, you would also do well to enjoy some of your favorite tunes to go along with some beach volleyball and whatever parties by the sea that you’re going to be part of. Why not ensure nothing goes awry with the Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2, as this happens to be the company’s first-ever water-resistant Bluetooth speaker?

Sure, water-resistant speakers in the market are nothing new at all, and as you can tell by the name alone, the Sound Kick 2 happens to be an updated version of Soundfreaq’s popular award-winning Sound Kick, where it is capable of pumping out louder, fuller sound with the addition of a passive radiator for enhanced bass. The asking price for the Sound Kick 2 does not place it out of reach of most people either, since it is available at the moment for a relatively affordable price point of $99 a pop at Target stores nationwide, as well as via online channels like and

The Sound Kick 2 will offer improvement over its predecessor, thanks to the presence of enhanced bass, a pair of 2.3” custom speaker drivers, and Soundfreaq’s proprietary UQ3 spatial enhancement. Soundfreaq has done away with the retractable bass chamber that is featured on the original Sound Kick, and will instead incorporate a passive radiator so that the bass performance is improved. Music can also be streamed sans wires through Bluetooth 4.0, and it is also IPX4 water-resistant. Any takers?

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  1. Youe site says that the soundfreaq sound kick 2 would b available at Target stores. They have it on display but not in stock. Wjats the deal and what the plan to get thenm stocked?

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