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Soundflow is a unique protective smartphone case

soundflowWhenever you purchase a brand new smartphone, there are normally two accessories that should never be negotiated or given a pass: the screen protector as well as a protective case. Many modern day smartphones, even from the mid-range segment, happen to feature a full aluminum body that is nice to look at, but all too slippery when handled. A protective case not only provides an adequate amount of grip, but it will also help prevent unwanted scratches or worse damage when knocked or dropped. The Soundflow is a special proposition where it not only functions as a smartphone case, it also doubles up as a wireless earbuds carrier and charger.

 The Soundflow is best described as a protective phone case that has a built-in battery while hosting a pair of wireless earbuds, providing the best of everything in a simple package. Compatible with the iPhone 6 or newer, the Pixel 2 or newer, and the Galaxy S8 or newer, the Soundflow is the first of its kind in the world. Featuring high fidelity graphene, the wireless earbuds deliver ambient noise cancellation so that you can obtain maximum enjoyment from your music no matter where you go.

The Soundflow case carries enough charge to offer up to 200 hours of listening via the wireless earbuds, meaning you do not have to juice it up every single day. Knowing that most people who use wireless earbuds lead an active lifestyle, the Soundflow wireless earbuds are rated to be sweat, rain and dust proof. With a twist-to-lock secure fit, you can be sure that losing this pair of wireless earbuds is the least of your concern, and it provides a stable connection via Bluetooth 5.0. Dual microphones provide an avenue for hands-free calls, and on a full charge, the wireless earbuds deliver up to 8 hours of listening pleasure.

Expect the Soundflow smartcase to retail for $99 a pop.

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