Soundcast Systems OutCast brings everyone back home

Soundcast Systems know that having a fantastic audio system is the other half of a successful combination when you watch an engaging movie or music video, which is why they did not skimp on quality with their latest release – the new OutCast 3.4 multi-room, multi-source wireless speaker system with subwoofer that will definitely find a place in most homes this summer as folks watch reruns of blockbusters, including recently released movies. This is surely the right step to take if you are looking to live out a wireless lifestyle.
Not only does it come with a pocket friendly price as claimed by the press release (without actually divulging its price tag), you will also get to enjoy iPod/iPhone access and control. The Outcast 3.4 intends to be the most utilized speaker that you will ever own, so with such hype surrounding it, we do hope that it is able to live up to its billing!

OutCast 3.4 will deliver technology that allows you to easily access and enjoy up to three different sources of your favorite music in a quartet of areas of your home or business. Yup, that means you need just a single device for you to listen indoors as well as outdoors – different tunes in different areas, to boot! With a powerful wireless broadcast range that goes all the way to around 300 feet, it will allow clear, precise transmissions to travel easily through walls, doors, floors, ceilings and roofs, delivering rich, multi-directional, uninterrupted sound anywhere and anytime.
Other features of the Soundcast OutCast 3.4 include :-

  • Tri-amplified, high-definition audio reproduction w/DSP
  • Long-range, interference-free wireless technology
  • Internal battery provides 10-to-20 hours of wireless music (+/- power level)
  • Easy to use backlit top panel keypad for control

Not only that, OutCast 3.4 will also be able to take advantage of Pandora, Rhapsody, iTunes, Radio, HD Radio, Cable Music and even legacy audio sources thanks to the receivers’ zone 2 output.
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