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The Soundbrenner Pulse is a smart wearable device for musicians – live to the beat of your internal drum


If you started learning how to play any instrument, then you know how annoying a metronome can get. The constant tick-tock of the old-fashioned ones and the ear-piercing beep of the digital ones is enough to make a person go crazy. Of course, using one of these is mandatory for making your own internal rhythm better.

If you wish there was a more modern take on this time-honored tool, then you might fancy the SoundBrenner. This is a wearable device for musicians who want to keep to the beat without having to hear loud sounds. Inside of this wristband is enough power to vibrate 3-6 times stronger than your smartphone. This means you’ll literally feel the beat, as the vibration will be against your skin. There’s also a light so you can see when the beat is.

It runs in tandem with a smartphone app (go figure), and will allow you to use preset tempos or make your own beats. There are also coaches and exercises in the app that will help beginning musicians find the beat. Of course, if you have your very own band, you can link up with other wristbands to synchronize. This way you can all feel or see the same beat. Don’t worry though, there is an option to turn off the light for performers who don’t want to give away the fact that they need a little help following the beat amidst a screaming crowd and insanely loud instruments. This is going to cost you $99 if you want a little wearable metronome.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo