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The Sound Torch – pyromaniac party time!

The Sound Torch
The power of music is insanely strong. Some are too scared to react, but when you hear a good beat it’s torture not to move along with it. If you’ve ever been to a concert with a good light show, then you know how adding other sensory factors to some killer tunes can make a magical experience even more overwhelmingly awesome.

If you wish you could have your own light show at home when you’re dancing through the living room, then you’ll love the Sound Torch. This is a small speaker with a Pyro board which will let you not only feel the beat, but see it too. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and will blast your jams with some dancing flames as a light show. There is a built-in battery that will last for 12 hours, though it can only take enough lighter fluid for four hours. You can combine up to 7 of these speakers at once if you want a truly surround sound experience.

This is controlled via app, and it will let you choose the height of the flame, how it responds to music, and whether to have the flames with or without music. Of course, as there are live flames flicking about, it is best to be used with the glass protection that comes with it. Since not many people will likely use that, it’s good to know that this will shut off automatically if it gets too hot, there’s no signal, or if it’s knocked over. These will cost you $158 and up depending on how many you want.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter