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Sound Shine Audio Bulbs – let there be light, and sound

ion-sound-shineIt was just earlier this week that we talked about the Nyrius Smart LED bulb, and here we are with another bulb – not just one, but a pair of them, which will offer not only light, but also audio to boot – now how cool is that? I am referring to the $129.99 Sound Shine Audio Bulbs, where it will merge the ability to deliver both light as well as audio in a single package. These two energy saving LED light bulbs happen to be Bluetooth speakers as well, where you will be able to make use of it as a stereo pair, or perhaps in other situations which are not so ideal, as a pair of separate, standalone speakers – it is your call, really.

Since we all tend to multi-task in this day and age, it is also not surprising at all to see the Sound Shine Audio Bulbs in existence. As a pair of light bulbs, they offer 60 watt equivalent of light, and are also dimmable thanks to the availability of a free app. As Bluetooth speakers, you will be able to hook both of them up as a stereo set (with one playing the left channel, while the other does the right channel). The free app will be available for iOS and Android device owners only, so those who are rocking on the Windows Phone platform are out of luck here. There isn’t even any need for batteries or wires, where it works right after hooking it up to any standard light bulb socket for added convenience.