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These Sound Intone Noise Cancelling Headphones will help you focus

Sound Intone

There is always something we could be doing. There are chores to be done, work you could get ahead on, food prep, and endless leisure activities and projects that would be fun to start, but would take up too much time. We only have so many hours in the day, and our brains can only handle so much input, which is why having an ideal work environment is critical to getting more done on any given day.

We work while eating, driving, in bed, on the bus, at the office, and at home where we should be relaxing. Since you can’t escape deadlines, sometimes you have to buckle down and get things done whether or not you want to. These Noise Isolating Headphones from Sound Intone could certainly help you to hone in on the task at hand without being pulled away by exterior distractions. These consist of a casted zinc alloy headband with electroplated coating, a stainless steel pull arm, memory foam ear cups with a PU leather cover, and a 3.9ft braided cable.

They fold up easily for travel, are on-ear, and have a 360 degree high sensitive omni-directional mic for better clarity when taking calls. While this $30 pair of headphones seem pretty sturdy and are competitively priced, their noise canceling is passive rather than active, reducing the¬†exterior noise, but not dampening it completely. If you really want to go for absolute silence, you’ll have to pay a bigger bill.

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