Sound Band lets you listen to music, and still hear the world around you


There are plenty of times when you want to listen to music, but you don’t want to disturb the people around you. This, of course, is why things like headphones and earbuds were invented. However, by design, there are situations where you simply cannot use them safely. These are times when you need to still be able to hear the world around you, such as when you’re riding a bike. What you need is a way to privately listen to music that will still let you hear your surroundings.

Sound Band is a new headset that is aimed to deliver audio into your head, without covering your ears, and blocking out other sounds. It’s able to do this because it doesn’t use conventional speakers to project sound waves. Instead, it uses surface sound technology to transmit the sound waves through the bone and tissue in your head. This results in you hearing the same sounds as you would through conventional speakers, but only the wearer is able to do so.

The Sound Band will connect wirelessly to your music player via Bluetooth, meaning that you won’t need to bother with long messy cables. Unfortunately this does mean that they will need recharged after roughly 5 hours of use. The Kickstarter fund has already surpassed its goal in just a few short days, but you can still pledge $125 and get your own set when they ship out in December.