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SOUL Electronics reveals Combat+ Sync wireless fitness headphone

SOUL-CombatIn this day and age, to come across a pair of wireless headphones is nothing much to shout about. In fact, they have more or less become commonplace and also affordable, so much so that having a wired pair of headphones might prove to be more rare than before, as we see a reverse in the situation. Well, SOUL Electronics knows this, which is why they intend to push the envelope with something that is different and yet familiar – the Combat+ Sync wireless fitness headphone. Yes sir, the Combat+ Sync wireless fitness headphone happens to be the first wireless fitness headphone of its kind in the world, as it sports walkie-talkie functionality that is capable of sharing music wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Being launched as a Kickstarter campaign, the Combat+ Sync will merge the signature SOUL sound characterized by rich bass and pin-drop clarity alongside the acclaimed comfortable and secure design of the Combat+. I suppose fitness buffs will see the benefits of wearing the ultimate wireless sports headphone, since the Combat+ Sync embodies the three pillars of every successful workout session, namely Power, Focus, and Motivation.

It delivers signature audio with powerful bass to increase energy during workouts, where there will be 15 hours of play time that should be able to drive you even during marathons. Thanks to the ergonomic design, you can enjoy comfort despite long hours of wearing it, and it is not frail either, being flexible and tough enough of a headband to survive drops, bumps and bruises. Throw in an embedded touch screen and you’ve got a future-forward device.

The sweat-proof design will help to keep you focused on your workout, and there is also passive noise isolation that blocks out unwanted distractions. Bluetooth and APTX technology work together to deliver outstanding sound and mobility, while the washable and interchangeable mesh ear pads to increase comfort. Any takers so far for this promising headset? I sure hope it meets the funding goal to become reality.

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