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SOUL Electronics reveal the Pulse earbuds

soul-electronics-pulseWhen it comes to having a good pair of earphones, you would first need to sit down and consider just which particular situation are you going to listen to your music or audio book in – is it while you are relaxing in the comfort of your own home, or when you are busy pounding the pavement in an attempt to gain a permanent victory over the battle of the bulge? Regardless, SOUL Electronics has got your back covered, and this time around they have revealed the all new Pulse earbuds.

The Pulse earbuds are no pushovers in terms of performance – as they come in an extremely lightweight package that will target the active minded people and those who happen to groove to a fitness-oriented lifestyle. The Pulse earbuds will sport a wrap-around, reversed fit that caters for both style and comfort, and best of all is, it tips the scale at an unbelievable 0.6 ounces, which means there would be bound to be moments when you do not even realize that it is there in the first place. The Pulse earphones happen to be SOUL’s lightest earphones to date, and yet it retains the brand’s core elements of power, clarity and comfort. It might look like the Run Free Pro in-ear headphone, also from SOUL Electronics, but it is a very different beast.

SOUL Electronics guarantee that the Pulse earphones will be able to stay on with a reversed fitting ear lock cable which will wrap itself around the ear, and locks tightly into place. In other words, no matter how aggressive your workout is, this pair of earphones will remain in place and not fall out. Those who are active, its water/sweat proof silicon body design remains easy to clean regardless of how much punishment you put yourself through during your workout. Those who are interested will be able to pick up the Pulse earphones for $49 a pop.

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