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SOUL Electronics announces Run Free Pro In-Ear Sports Headphone

SOUL-Run-Free-ProWhile some of us are the strong and silent type, and prefer to spend time in solitude – even when you are exercising, there are others who need external stimuli in order to go to the next level of performance. Having said that, music plays a very important role when it comes to motivating one in the realm of sports, and if you were to engage in some of the rather more vigorous activities to sweat those calories away, it will definitely require a good pair of earphones. In-ear headphones work well, and Soul Electronics knows this – which is why they have just announced the Run Free Pro in-ear sports headphone that has been specially designed so that it will not fall off.

The Run Free Pro will sport a sleek design that has a first ever interchangeable ear lock system that offers comfort and style – even as you run, or when you are on-the-go. The Run Free Pro also happens to be the very first Bluetooth in-ear headphones that claim to offer a guarantee that they will never fall off or fall out. In addition, Soul’s Run Free Pro will offer the ultimate listening experience that caters to an active lifestyle community as it embodies the brands core elements: power, clarity and comfort.

It does not matter if you are pounding the pavement or on-the-go, the Run Free Pro will boast of a reversible fitting option that will allow the cable to be moved over or under your ear for superior comfort. It will also feature a wind noise reduction technology that does away with wind interference, and this sporty and fashionable waterproof Run Free Pro will go a long way in exemplifying Soul Electronics blend of high-performance sound and fashion elements.

The asking price for the Run Free Pro stands at $129 a pop if you are interested, where it comes in storm black and electric blue shades.

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