A Different Sort of Foot Powered Skateboard

Skateboards seem like such a practical method of travel, especially if you live by the beach or in an area with good pathways. Some of us uncoordinated people in the world weren’t meant to travel by skateboard. Steering is all about finding your balance and being comfortable. Pushing off the ground for power should be easy. But klutzy people like me struggle. At long last. I think I found the perfect skateboard for those of us who struggle or for anyone wanting an easier skating experience or an eco-friendly method of motorized travel.

Straight from a beach-side city in California comes the ZBoard.  Two models of ZBoard ,the Classic and the step-up Pro, provide weight sensing technology tied into a front and rear footpads to help you control your speed. As you step on the front (acceleration) or rear (braking) pad the board communicates your force to the on board computer and the electric motor speed adjusts accordingly. Want more speed? Press harder. Want to lightly brake? Lighter pressure should do. You can achieve max speeds of 15 or 17 MPH, depending on model. You can take on small to medium sized hills, and you can completely brake even on a steep hill. On a full 110V charge (220V available upon request) the Classic will take you 5 miles and the Pro – with its Lithium Iron Phosphate battery – will carry you 10 miles. Each battery is rated to 250 and 500+ cycles respectively and replacements will be available. With the regenerative braking and minimal power usage the ZBoard is carbon footprint equivalent of up to 1500 miles/gallon. Crazy.  Can you just push and ride? Sure, but expect to move slowly. ZBoards began shipping in October and are currently on a 10 week waiting list, which means you can get it just in time for Spring cruising. The Classic runs $649 and the Pro $949. So whether a skateboard expert or an uncoordinated person like moi, ZBoard provides a weight sensing alternative to standard skateboarding and an eco-friendly way to travel on those shorter jaunts.

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