Sooloos Music Streamer

Sooloos Main Control Panel
As far as streaming music around your house, there’s a couple of options, the best probably being the Sonos System for its ease of use and sleek design. There’s a new system around now, and it’s called Sooloos.

The design of the Sooloos definitely gives the Sonos a run for its money, as you can clearly see from the picture. Anyone, even non-geeks, would like to have this in their house.

Sooloos is a unique system, you won’t have to load up all your music once it arrives; it comes preloaded with your tunes along with album art. For new tunes, you can get subscriptions for any new releases and genre based packages in case you develop some new musical tastes while you have your Sooloos. Did I mention audio is stored in a lossless format?

New CDs can also be added to your collection using the built-in ripper in the main control panel.

Storage wise, the Sooloos definitely isn’t lacking. The base model comes with a whole terabyte of storage, and there are even two and three terabyte versions! Obviously, the Sooloos is hard drive powered and runs off a noiseless convection cooled RAID setup.

Your main control panel, which is pictured, is a 17” touch screen. Additional smaller remotes are available with 7” touch screens.

Terabytes of storage, multiple touch screens on sleek looking products. That doesn’t come cheap, a base Sooloos unit will cost you $12,000!

Sooloos [via SCI FI Tech]

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