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Sony XBR X900C 4K Ultra HD TV range is incredibly thin

sony-xbr-900cApart from smartphones that want to get thinner and thinner, the TV segment too, has gone through a slimming session that would help shave a few more square inches off your TV rack, making quite a difference if you so happy to live in an already cramped apartment or flat. Sony has made quite the splash with its Sony XBR X900C 4K Ultra HD TV range, arriving in the first quarter of this year in three sizes – 55”, 65” and 75”. Being the thinnest LED TV from Sony to date, it measures a mere 0.2” at its thinnest part for the 55″ and 65″ class models, while sporting a design that looks as though it is floating on thin air thanks to its extremely thin bezels that are close to non-existent.

Not only that, Sony has thrown in a new 4K Processor X1 which will hopefully improve colour accuracy, contrast and clarity of HD and 4K video. To make sure that this is no passive idiot box, Sony will also offer support for Google’s Android TV operating system, making it a snap to stream video, or have it double up as a gaming device and provide enhanced features like voice-enabled searching through a remote equipped with a microphone. The TRILUMINOS display would be able to deliver enhanced colour accuracy, while powerful front-facing speakers (tweeters, woofers, and sub-woofers) ensure that your ears are treated to clear dialog and deep bass all the time.

There is also the integrated Google Cast feature which would allow users to enjoy seamless smartphone or tablet integration., while the entire setup is ready for the latest 4K new spec “HEVC” and “VP9” which will be able to receive 4K distribution services and YouTube in 4K goodness, now how about that? Out later this spring, you might want to start saving up from now onward. All in all, the Sony XBR range does look as though it is growing from strength to strength each year.

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