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Sony working on PSP redesign


Looks like Sony will finally follow the pace set by Nintendo when it comes to hardware redesign, with SCE U.K. Managing Director Ray Maguire sharing his thoughts on a new PSP design. Granted, both the PSOne and PS2 came in new looks towards the end of their lives, so could this mean the same thing with the PSP refresh? While we might not know anything about the release date or pricing details (keep your fingers crossed for a price drop! $250 is still too expensive for a handheld console, and at that price you can already pick up a Nintendo Wii), we do know that Sony will retain what is arguably the PSP’s greatest strength – its large and brilliant screen.

The new PSP will also share all the same functionalities as its predecessor, save in a smaller and lighter body thanks to the strides made in technology. What some current PSP owners would like to see is improvement on the current analog stick as it does not really work that well when the situation calls for it. Others say that they want another analog stick to get a decent experience in a FPS game. Since there is no comment from Sony regarding either, you could say that the slimmer body is the only thing one can really look forward to.

Here’s an interesting point to ponder upon – if you’re currently holding out for a PSP, will this news make you postpone your purchase, or will you prefer to just rush out and get your Monster Hunter 2nd fix?

Source: Game Addicts

1 thought on “Sony working on PSP redesign”

  1. The PSP has so much potential as long as Sony keeps doing things like this. You see the GameBoy? It’s been around in one form or another for over 15 years now. It went through a couple of redesigns and a couple of overhauls, but Nintendo never let it die. Sony needs to do this with the PSP…

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