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Sony wireless noise cancelling sports headphones for the active person

sony-noise-cancellingSony has come up with that it deems to be the world’s first truly wireless noise cancelling sports headphones, in the form of the WF-SP700N, and the WI-SP600N and WI-SP500 in-ear sports headphones. All three of them will boast of splash-proof designs in order to let the wearer enjoy sound while they are on the move. Targeting the active yet stylish music lover, the WF-SP700N truly wireless and WI-SP600N in-ear headphones will offer wireless noise cancelling in a manner that noise cancelling has not been done before, including in a high intensity cardio class or while walking or jogging. As for the WI-SP500 in-ear headphones, it will allow the wearer to train for longer with up to eight hours of battery life on a full charge, certainly more than enough time for you to complete a marathon and still have juice to spare!

Dunja LaRosa, Director, Head of Mobile Audio Business at Sony Electronics, North America, shared, “Noise cancelling isn’t just for airplanes anymore. Now you can get in the zone with great quality sound – without the distractions – at a noisy gym or on a run. Ready to jump into action when you are, the wireless noise cancelling WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N and standard WI-SP500 headphones will be every listener’s favorite new work out buddy.”

A truly wireless headphones is very important when it comes to sports, since it would free you to perform whatever activities that you would like to indulge in without having to worry about getting in or out of a tangled mess. The WF-SP700N headphones merges two features great for working out: digital noise cancelling technology and a splash-proof design. It boasts of a compact one-touch-open charging case, offering approximately three hours of battery life in addition to two more charges from its case, bringing it up to nine hours in total.

The WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N and WI-SP500 will retail for $179.99, $149.99 and $79.99, respectively.

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