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Sony Walkman B150 series

Sony and their Walkman range has always been synonymous with portable audio, and that has been the case for many years until the cassette died a slow death, where the Discman series never really took off due to the prohibitive cost and much lower battery life back in the day. Apart from that, the rise of digital audio in the form of MP3 files alongside Apple’s coup de grace in the form of the iPod family ensured that the Walkman name would never reach the giddy heights of its heyday, but that doesn’t mean Sony will just roll over and let other companies walk all over them! The Sony Walkman B150 series is proof of that, targeting younger folks who are looking for their first MP3 player (parents could play a crucial role here), boasting great sound with pumping bass that will really get you moving.

Do not judge a book by its cover, and in this case, the NWZ-B150 might be small in size and stature, but it is no slouch when it comes to performance. The push of a button will offer an instant bass boost, where you know this is turned on thanks to flashing red Power Illuminator LEDs. Data and songs are transferred over from your computer thanks to its integrated USB connection, doing away with the need for yet another cable or software, since all you need to do is follow the tried and tested drag and drop process in order to load up your favorite tracks. With a direct USB connection, it is also a snap to enjoy easy music transfer and direct recording or playback with compatible Mini/Micro audio systems.

A 3-line LCD displays track and artist information at a glance, while ZAPPIN technology helps scan through stored tracks, playing a short sample from each song in order for you to pinpoint the desired track without having to keep on pressing “next”. You can achieve 90 minutes of battery power with a 3-minute charge, while those who want to get up to 18 hours of non-stop playback can always wait until the battery is fully charged. Other features include an integrated FM tuner, voice recording and FM recording for future listening. Available in black, blue, pink and red colors later this June, we have no word on its pricing just yet but it shouldn’t break the bank either.

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