Sony VAIO S Series laptops announced

Sony’s VAIO laptops is a well established range over the years, and for good reason, too. They’ve proved to be stylish and technologically advanced, although some people might feel that when it comes to value for money, it isn’t quite there just yet. Well, this has not stopped the Japanese company from rolling out newer models, and one of their latest efforts would be the Sony VAIO S Series.
The VAIO S Series laptop will merge for the first time portability, performance and power in a thinner, lighter design that is perfect for everyone, never mind if you are a student or a business traveler. It intends to break down the previous perceived wall of being aloof by offering users more personalized options and flexibility in order to suit their lifestyle.

Some S Series models will boast elegant design in burnished brown, jet black or platinum silver with magnesium and aluminum materials, while toting a built-in lithium polymer battery which will work in tandem with the advanced large-capacity optional sheet battery, letting you remain mobile without the need for a power outlet for up to 16 hours – this applies to models without a hard drive inside, but rather, relying on a solid state drive configuration instead. Intelligent charging also lets you juice up the optional sheet battery separately, attaching it to the system without shutting down for maximum flexibility. Sounds neat, no?
This 13.3-inch S Series will measure a mere 0.95″ in thickness, tipping the scales with 3.8 pounds on a standard battery. It will be powered by the second generation Intel Core i7 processor, carry an AMD Radeon HD 6630 1GB Hybrid Graphics card on select models with 1GB VRAM, a dual channel solid state drive with RAID 0 technology option, one-touch VAIO, ASSIST and WEB buttons, an integrated webcam that works great even in low light conditions thanks to its Exmor sensor, an LED backlit keyboard so that you can work late into the night, and face tracking technology.
Prices start from $1,350 upwards depending on what you want to throw inside, while the optional sheet battery will cost you another $150.
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