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Sony has new sound bars for the masses

sony-soundbarSo you have just moved into your new man-cave, and of course, you would need to outfit it with the latest gadgets – especially those that are more than capable of impressing your mates, of course. After all, it would be pretty much a downer if they were to come in, only to find nothing but rows of books, am I correct? Having said that, a home theater system is more or less imperative these days for any decent home, and you might as well get creative with the limited amount of space that you have with the help of Sony and its latest range of sound bars.

 A quartet of new sound bars have been announced, and they happen to be the HT-ST9, HT-NT3, HT-CT780, and HT-CT380. These new sound bars are said to be able to elevate the home audio experience without being too complicated, delivering a powerful performance at the same time, going to show that one ought not to judge a book (or a sound bar in this case) by its form factor, or cover.

Not only that, these new home audio products happen to be HDCP 2.2 compliant (save for the HT-CT380), in addition to supporting playback of copyright-protected 4K content, such as hit blockbuster movies.

The HT-ST9 and HT-NT3 will boast of Google Cast, allowing you to cast your favorite music apps from your personal device all the way to your speakers. One will be able to cast from your Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, and Mac or Windows laptop, where doing so is as simple as pressing the cast icon. Doing so will let you search, browse, play, skip, and turn up the volume on your favorite tracks there and then. Well, perhaps after doing a little bit of measurement, you would be able to know which of the three new sound bars would suit your place best.

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