Sony Smartwatch – Cool Enough, but is it Big Enough?

Everyone knew a Smartwatch was coming. Somehow I expected it to be Apple’s. I remember reading somewhere that a Smartwatch was on Steve Jobs to do list, and I am aware that Cupertino is working things up as we speak. On the surface it seems like an awesome idea and a gadget I would like to own. Then I got to wondering, would the screen even be big enough to have any real usefulness, check this out and let us know what you think.
Welcome Sony’s Smartwatch, a neat little Android mini-accoutrement that keeps you connected to your digital world via your Smartphone, quietly, discreetly, and mostly hands-free. Worn on a clip, or the stylish wristband included with the watch, you can download a number of compatible applications, and make your new Smartwatch your own personalized media and communications center.
The Sony Smartwatch comes with an multi color, ultra sensitive touch display that allow you to tap and swipe your way through your chosen digital universe (although I’m wondering about accuracy, even with the smallest of fingers) The Smartwatch lets you check your mail or the weather, listen to music or twitter your face off and also be able to check and see who’s been trying to reach you, even if your phone is safe in your pocket.
Perfect for working out, walking or shopping, the Sony Smartwatch lets you leave your phone in your bag, briefcase or pocket and still be updated on everything you might want to know. The Smartwatch is dust proof, splash proof and comes in a high tech looking aluminum case. The real question is, with its need to be associated via bluetooth with a compatible android phone, and its small touch screen do you think it has any real value at 149 bucks? If you do, you can get one today,  from