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The Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker will be your personal assistant


We have a lot of devices to keep track of. There are our phones, tablets, computers, music players, and various other gizmos and gadgets that act as alert systems. It makes sense that most of us have exceedingly high anxiety levels, since a buzzer or sound is always going off. If you have your gadgets synced, there’s also a good chance you’ll have multiple devices going off at once, which is understandably a little jarring.

If you wish your life wasn’t so busy all the time with bells and whistles going off constantly, then the idea of a personal assistant to manage all of that for you is likely pretty enticing. If you don’t want to pay a human being to do that for you, why not get a cute little robot? The Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker can do conference calls, take voice commands, act as a smart alarm clock, and will vocalize aspects of your day such as the weather forecast or upcoming appointments. This is all happening without having to get your phone out.

This will respond to your voice, and can immediately start playing music with one touch through 2.5W speakers. There are lights for aesthetic effects, and you will be able to control the intensity of the brightness. This will charge via Micro USB, and the most interesting aspect to this little gizmo is that it will be able to follow you around like a puppy thanks to the wheels under its body. It will need to be on a flat surface though (no off-road assisting). It is said that this will pair with Android devices, and charges via MicroUSB. If you’re interested, make sure you’ve saved up as it will cost you $355 when it comes out in the second quarter of this year.

More information available on Sony, found via engadget