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Sony Introduces “Lipstick” MP3 Player

I’m a big fan of players that don’t take up a lot of space in my pocket or purse. I must also not be the only gadget girl to have this opinion as Sony has come out with the Walkman NW-E013.


Being dubbed the “lipstick” Walkman (due to some comparison to the size of a tube of lipstick), this player comes in black, violet, pink, blue and gold, however, the in-the-earphones only come in black or white.  (How difficult would it have been to color coordinate the headphones?)

The display is a full colour, three-line LCD screen and weighs a paltry 28 grams. The player has 1GB of song-storage, ready for MP3-, WMA-, ATRAC- or AAC-encoded tracks to be copied over from a PC. Flip up the cap to reveal the Walkman’s USB (2.0) connector. Sony claims the player will play music for 30 hours on a single charge of the gadget’s built-in battery – or three hours’ playback if you just charge it for an “oh shit I’m late for work” three minutes.

The Sony Walkman NW-E013 will begin selling in the Japanese market starting on December 19th and will retail for approximately $102 (US).


  • 1GB with capacity of up to 700 tracks
  • Direct USB plug for ease of use; Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with great Stamina of 30 hours
  • Clear Stereo and Clear Bass sound enhancement systems for superb sound quality
  • Bright and clear 3-line LCD Color Screen display for easy navigation and to see CD cover art.

[via Techie Diva]

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