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Sony DPF-D72N/BQ gets shiny for the holidays

Sony will soon be releasing a digital photo frame that will definitely appeal to those of you that enjoy your bedazzled gadgets.  Likely, most of the ones that enjoy this type of thing are going to be females too, since it does have  a slightly feminine look to it.  The photo frame has embedded Crystalized Swarvoski Elements, so it’s an affordable bedazzling.  Which in this economy is always a bonus, even if you’re not hurting too badly for cash.

The frame itself measures 7 inches and has a full one gigabyte of internal storage capacity.  The frame can store up to 2,000 photos and features auto-resizing to make all of your photos fit.  It has 800 x 480 WVGA resolution and supports JPEG and RAW (SRF, SR2, ARW) image file formats.  To get your photos onto the frame, just plug the frame into your USB port on your computer.  Like most photo frames like this it has various playback options and a remote control.  The frame will be out this October and will cost you $150.

Source: Newlaunches

1 thought on “Sony DPF-D72N/BQ gets shiny for the holidays”

  1. The USB connectivity DON’T WORK.
    Sometimes the device was detected. All of the rare detection the device was not recognized as a mass storage device, i.e. there was NO ACCESS to the memory via USB.
    I’ve tried with several cables, all long less than 3m.
    I’ve tried in several computers (2 PCs, one Ubuntu and a MAC mini)
    I’ve tried different orders for plugging cables and turning on and off, including the steps from the manual.

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