Sony Digital Paper targets the professional fraternity

sony-digital-paperIn a profession such as the legal line, you would definitely have to deal with paper. Plenty of paper, so much so that sometimes, you do wish that the entire shebang can be digitized so that all of the documentation required can be carried up and around on a single tablet. Sony might have a hand in that, as they have just announced the Sony Digital Paper, providing professionals with a new way to read, annotate, and share documents electronically.

You might groan, “Oh no! Is it another tablet device?” Well, it is and not at the same time. The Sony Digital Paper was specially designed to increase productivity and streamline collaboration in paper-intensive environments, where it will hopefully appeal to a range of user communities that will include legal, higher education, governmental agencies and corporate board rooms.

Sporting a ‘notepad’ feature that will have universal appeal, these notes can be shared with clients, colleagues, and co-workers. The Sony Digital Paper will boast of a simple, intuitive experience, where professionals will benefit from portability and flexibility alongside the ability to wirelessly access document management solutions as well as other content repositories.

Hardware specifications of the Digital Paper include a 13.3 inch display that shows off full-screen views of letter-sized documents in the PDF format, hence doing away with the need for zooming in or scrolling when reading a page. The Digital Paper device will also be able to retain the context of an entire page as it shows off sharp, easy-to-read text and graphics which are more or less similar to printed documents or full-size notepads.

There is also a touch panel that enables users to operate the menu, or to help them turn pages by simply touching the screen. Sony has also thrown in a stylus, so that professionals are able to write fluidly and directly on the panel. You will have to wait until this May for the Sony Digital Paper to be available though, as it carries a rather hefty price tag of $1,100.

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