Sonicum Speakers look their part

Remember the older Windows 3.11 and Windows Milennium, where the speaker icon located at the bottom right hand corner of the screen was in 2D? Well, the Sonicum Speakers brings us back to the good old days by coming in a similar shape when viewed from the side – that doesn’t mean the sound they produce will be from the 1996 era.

Using NXT technology, the sound icon-shaped speakers produce beautiful quality sound, and the sleek sub-woofer throbs out some seriously stomach-wobbling bass. Of course they’re not just for swishing up your designer workstation and pumping out music from your computer, you can also plug any portable media player into them using the included cable. Hey we almost completed a sentence without using the word iPod! Oh blast, no we didn’t. Were there an award for the most beautifully designed and sounding computer (or iPod, damn we did it again) speakers, then the Sonicums would surely be standing atop the podium giving a really long speech, crying, and thanking their mother.

You can pick up a pair of Sonicum Speakers for £59.95.