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The Sonic Meeting Disruptor will turn you into the office villain

Sonic Meeting Disruptor

Do you like pulling pranks that make everyone think you’re a jerk? How about lower level pranks that are only just annoying enough for people to know you’re a trickster without feeling the need to call the police on you? If that last sentence fits you perfectly, then you’re likely looking for new ways to prank your friends and coworkers without having them wanting to lop your head off.

While tossing paper onto their desk and putting googly eyes on every piece of office equipment they own is a cute way of doing things, why not use sound? This Sonic Meeting Disruptor is sure to ruffle some feathers if you pick the right person. Or you can target the office bullies and make life miserable for everyone since they’ll be in a foul mood more often. This tiny device emits a loud siren wail that won’t stop unless you enter the secret code to shut it off.

The delay can be set for 1 minute, 5 minutes, a half hour, or an hour, so you can either time things comedically, or just plain ole wreak havoc. Of course, you could also set it to be motion activated, and scare the bajingles out of anyone who crosses a certain threshold. It does use 2 button cell batteries to function, but those will last you a good long time as you’re probably not going to have it on for more than 5 minutes every once in a while.

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