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Sonic Hair Revitalizer helps roll back the years

sonic-hair-revitalizerAh, the vigors of youth. One has plenty of energy when one is young, being able to move about and do a whole lot more than the older folks out there. The thing is, youth should be tempered with wisdom, and many a time youth love to take risks without giving too much care to the consequences. Well, one thing about being young is also the fact that one is normally at one’s prime physically, and this might involve looking really good – where a full head of hair works just fine. However, if you feel that your crowning glory is about to leave you, perhaps ensuring the adage that prevention is better than cure, through the $79.95 Sonic Hair Revitalizer, might come in handy?

The Sonic Hair Revitalizer is a cordless revitalizing comb which relies on sonic vibrations and frizz-fighting ions to cleanse and detangle, ensuring that your hair looks smooth and shiny. It is an Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, where it harnesses the quiet power of 15,000 sonic vibrations per minute, ensuring that the revitalizer’s three detachable comb heads will be able to diligently separate stubborn knots and scrub away oil and product residue which shampooing cannot achieve on its own. When used on wet hair, the revitalizer will help to lock absorb styling treatments, while on dry hair it removes dulling residue and enhances fullness. The Teflon rollers infused with negatively charged ions help smooth the hair for a silky, lustrous finish, where it will be accompanied by wide- and fine-toothed comb attachments and a soft-tipped comb head for a gentler touch. The battery life of up to 45 minutes of use from an eight-hour charge is pretty decent, don’t you think so?