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Songo Portable compact Bluetooth music receiver does wireless music streaming

nyrus-songoWhile we have been talking about our fair share of portable Bluetooth speakers in recent times, this does not mean that we have forgotten just how useful Bluetooth technology is in other aspects of the audio world. case in point, the Songo Portable compact Bluetooth music receiver that will enable users to stream music wirelessly to their non-Bluetooth-enabled car stereos, speaker systems, headphones and other compatible devices. Sounds like it is quite the nifty device to carry around, don’t you think so?

Thanks to the existence of the Songo Portable, users are able to enjoy tunes right from the comfort of their home, vehicle, the gym and other places, all the while making sure that they are no longer subject to the hassle of handling messy cables which do seem to have a life of their own, as they get all tangled up as much as possible whenever you are gone away for some time, making it a real tough assignment to untangle the bunch when required to do so.

Whenever you connect the Songo Portable through its 3.5mm auxiliary port, the Bluetooth music receiver will be able to offer extra capabilities to wired speaker systems as it will transform them to be fully wireless and operable via Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets and compatible devices. Should it be connected to a vehicle, then you can opt to stream your favorite Pandora or Spotify playlists while you are getting from point A to point B.

Of course, sound is not sacrificed despite the Songo Portable boasting plenty of function. Your ears will definitely appreciate the crystal clear audio with the fullest frequency range that it delivers, making it stand out from the rest of the competing FM transmitters and Bluetooth music receivers that are in the market which tend to result in signals which break up due to their poor connection. This user-friendly device will also boast of a power button that will let you play, pause or skip tracks with one tap. Other features of the Songo Portable would be a Velcro tab that can be mounted conveniently onto dashboards or flat surfaces, an integrated audio coupler that delivers wired headphones with Bluetooth connectivity, and a 14 hour battery life. The asking price? All of just $24.99, now how about that?

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